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107 年 - 107中鋼試題本-員級共同A卷-英文#68153 

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1.1. Can you advise me what it is best to do here?
(A) suggest to
(B) ask
(C) confirm
(D) send

2.2. His approach to this task is excellent.
(A) idea about
(B) plan of
(C) agreement to
(D) way of doing

3.3. I am not sure if I can rely on you.
(A) relate to
(B) convince
(C) keep in touch
(D) count on

4.4. What do you think of this opportunity?
(A) career
(B) project
(C) chance
(D) draft

5.5. I have prepared an amended contract for you to sign.
(A) intended
(B) bargaining
(C) edited
(D) anticipated

6.6. I am eligible for the position.
(A) qualified for
(B) capable of
(C) required for
(D) reserved for

7.7. Can you please clarify for me whether you have wheelchair accessible rooms?
(A) notify
(B) make clear
(C) find out
(D) extract

8.8. The offer of a job is sometimes conditional on satisfactory references.
(A) subject to
(B) evaluated by
(C) uncertain to
(D) suitable for

9.9. How neglected the children looked!
(A) intelligent
(B) playful
(C) tearful
(D) uncared for

10.10. What is your opinion of the outcome of the meeting?
(A) content
(B) holding
(C) result
(D) purpose

11.說明:請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案。 Very often in the process of 11 argument, a writer would use an analogy to make his points 12 . An analogy is actually a comparison. To reason by analogy is to reason 13 one situation with another. Let us suppose, 14 , that the chairperson of the Students’ Association of a certain school is annoyed at the students for disregarding and not cooperating with their student monitors, who are charged with the 15 of keeping order in class, meetings, and at sports and games. In a speech before all the students he tries to persuade the students to be more cooperative through an analogy. He says that a school is like a ship. Just as the crew must obey the captain and other officials on board, 16 students must obey their monitors. If the students do not obey their monitors’ orders, the school will not function smoothly and its educational and other programs will be greatly 17 . 18 , if the crew do not obey their officers’ orders, everyone on board will be in danger and the voyage will be spoiled.
(A) much
(B) many
(C) a
(D) an

(A) to clear
(B) clear
(C) clearly
(D) clearing

(A) by comparing
(B) compare
(C) to be compared
(D) to compare

(A) therefore
(B) for instance
(C) however
(D) in contrast

(A) responsible
(B) responsibility
(C) respond
(D) response

(A) nevertheless
(B) as a result
(C) so
(D) causing

(A) affected
(B) effective
(C) effected
(D) affecting

(A) To be like
(B) Liking
(C) Alike
(D) Likewise

19.※說明:請依照語句意思,填寫最適當的介係詞。 1. He wasn’t paying attention_______ the safety instructions.
20.2. It must be really hard to cope_______ two young children and a full-time job.
21.3. I see no reason for us to depart_______ our usual practice.
22.4. You look _______if you have seen a ghost. What’s the matter?
23.參、中翻英 4 題(每題 4 分,答錯不倒扣;未作答者,不予計分) ※說明:第1至4題,請將中文語句譯成英文句子。 1. 每個人的職涯路徑都大不相同。
24.2. 船到橋頭自然直。
25.3. 我們跟法國的關係很好。
26.4. 現今的網際網路包羅萬象。