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107 年 - 107 國際經濟商務特種考試_三等_國際經濟商務人員西班牙文組:外國文(西班牙文兼試基礎英文)#71838 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1. 1 The terrorist organization aims to kill anyone who doesn’t practice the strict ______ of its belief.

2. 2 The young nurse successfully ______ blood into the veins of the wounded patient in the emergency room.

3. 3 The real problem is that language testing does not have strong arguments and significant findings to support a ______ model within a theoretical framework.

4. 4 Half a century ago, infectious ______ caused by bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms were the main causes of death in Taiwan.

5. 5 To give those ______ families in the mountain village a better life, many singers performed in the charity concert to raise funds for them.

6. 6 This remains a ______ question if the United States seeks to extend its unprecedented military power.

7. 7 Though we all have our own ______, we may still have incentive to stay motivated no matter we are stuck or not.

8. 8 Fossil fuels are unevenly ______; only some countries have them, and only some can afford them.

9. 9 That researcher has observed ______ changes in the rainforest for over twenty years.

10.10 Celebrated as one of the most _____ road trips, Central Asia’s semi-paved Pamir Highway covers 2,038 kilometers in the heart of isolated mountains.

11.請依下文回答第 11 題至第 15 題: Visitors to Moody Gardens in Galveston Island, Texas, can have a very special experience through the end ofthe weekend as Morticia, a giant corpse flower, goes into full 11 . Morticia is an Amorphophallus titanum –the world’s largest flowering plant, native to Indonesia – which gives off a very unpleasant 12 . It often growsto a height of more than 10 feet tall, and its rotten smell is most 13 at dusk. The plant’s rotting flesh smellhelps it 14 beetles and flower flies that are attracted to the smell of decomposition. The insects bring pollenfrom other plants they’ve visited, thereby 15 the corpse flower plant. Moody Gardens is holding specialviewing hours through 8 p.m. local time Sunday for folks to enjoy Morticia’s unique aroma.





16.請依下文回答第 16 題至第 20 題: What’s so bad about being a target online tracked by advertisers? If you don’t mind being watched by trackingcompany employees while you’re purchasing or logging into your account on websites, you are not involved in thefuss. In the past few years, a dispute has illustrated. Advertisers collected such fine-grained information about you suchas the websites you frequent, what kind of products you’re interested and even some private stuff like political views,health problems, and personal finances. Should advertisers have explicit permission to track people andsend behavioral ads? In 2010, America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommended a proposal that consumers should be given asimple “Do Not Track” (DNT) option by Internet browsers. Consumers could tell advertisers whether they want to befollowed or not. FTC and Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) agreed that the industry would make a start onresponding to DNT requests. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla’s Firefoxoffered to implement DNT in top gear. Ironically, nowadays some privacy-conscious users may be offended by thenew release of Google Chrome for iOS disables DNT in order to have better speed and fewer crashes. Microsoft usedto say that Internet Explorer 10 would have DNT as a default; the company is reversing its standard now: DNT will notturn up as a default feature in its new browsers. Getting a DNT signal does not oblige advertisers to stop tracking, although some self-restrained companies havepromised to do so. It is much harder to distinguish whether someone is really against behavior ads or whether theystick with “interest-based” ads. Some users may ignore DNT and press on anyway. Advertisers honor DNT but arguethat the decision should be up to users but not by browser vendors. Based on the voluntary principle of “Do NotTrack,” Microsoft, Chrome and Firefox leave “Do Not Track” off by default. Whether consumers turn DNT on or offis not probably important all that much. After all, using tools like Disconnect Ad Blocking and add-ons like Ghosteryand uBlock are more effective if online users want to make sure that they aren’t tracked.
【題組】16 According to the passage, what is DNT for?
(A)It effectively blocks the tracks of online advertisers for the users.
(B)It helps advertisers track users and provide better online services.
(C)It avoids complaints from the advertisers for tracking users online.
(D)It sends signals to advertisers that the user does not want to be tracked.

17.【題組】17 What does “behavioral ads” mean in the first paragraph?
(A)Advertisements that reflect the online behavior of a user.
(B)Advertisements that honor effective online pricing strategy.
(C)Advertisements that understand the behavior of vendors.
(D)Advertisements that provide services for browse vendors.

18.【題組】18 Who belong to “the industry” mentioned in the second paragraph?
(A)online advertisers
(B)information technology engineers
(C)Internet browser vendors
(D)digital information analysts

19.【題組】19 What may be the reason for browsers to leave DNT off by default?
(A)to make sure that the online users are not tracked
(B)to show that it does reflect the users’ preference
(C)to support the advertisers for not honoring it
(D)to respond to the privacy-conscious users

20.【題組】20 According to the advertisers, who would have the right to decide if the DNT is turned on or off?
(A)Internet company employers
(B)online advertisers
(C)online consumers
(D)Internet browse developers

一、Traduzca los siguientes textos al chino.(每小題 20 分,共 40 分)

【題組】 ⑴La Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC) nunca tuvo tanto trabajo por delante en sus 23 años de historia. La razón: la guerra arancelaria iniciada por Estados Unidos. Primero fue su disputa con China; luego llegaron los gravámenes al acero (25%) y aluminio (10%) mundiales; y, por último, su contienda con Turquía. Una política comercial con base en la «seguridad nacional» que ha levantado en pie de guerra a las grandes potencias del globo, que han respondido al proteccionismo con la misma moneda: más aranceles.

22.【題組】 ⑵ Las bolsas de Londres y Frankfurt anunciaron que se fusionarán, convirtiéndose en la bolsa más grande de Europa. Su gran influencia será un poderoso contrapeso para Wall Street. La Bolsa de Londres manifestó que según el acuerdo, el comercio de las mejores compañías se realizará en Londres, mientras que el comercio de las empresas tecnológicas se realizará en Frankfurt. La fusión anglo-germana incluye la firma de un acuerdo de cooperación con Nasdaq Europa Ltd., la filial europea de Nasdaq, la compañía americana que comercia los principales títulos tecnológicos para crear en Europa un mercado de valores de alto crecimiento.

23.二、Traduzca los siguientes textos al español.(20 分) 中國國家統計局 16 日指出,因出口成長與國內需求回升,中國今年第 三季國內生產毛額(GDP)同季快步成長 8.2%,超越經濟學家預期的 7.8%。雖然第三季的出口成長步調不及上半年(元月到六月)的 38%, 但七月與八月出口成長仍維持約 25%,到九月才進一步減緩。

24.三、Redacción(15 分) Desarrolle una redacción de 150 palabras sobre las políticas económicas de Taiwán con la América Latina.



2.毛毛、澤澤、小傑三人各用長100公分的繩子做單 擺實驗,其所用的擺錘質量分別為10公克、20公 、30公克,若擺角固定且不大於10度,所測得週期各為T1、T2...

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107 年 - 107 國際經濟商務特種考試_三等_國際經濟商務人員西班牙文組:外國文(西班牙文兼試基礎英文)#71838-阿摩線上測驗

107 年 - 107 國際經濟商務特種考試_三等_國際經濟商務人員西班牙文組:外國文(西班牙文兼試基礎英文)#71838