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1.1. Since they didn’t talk to each other for a long time, the obvious _____ between Warren and Anne made everyone else uncomfortable.
(A) spectator
(B) maximum
(C) ornament
(D) tension

2.2. She has a poor eyesight because the car accident has done a _____ damage to her eyesight.
(A) consistent
(B) distinctive
(C) permanent
(D) bustling

3.3. Because of the construction, some routes of bus services may have been _____ or replaced.
(A) entitled
(B) altered
(C) alleged
(D) protruded

4.4. Even though he hoped to set up his new company in this building, there are still no _____ available at the present time.
(A) vacancies
(B) frequencies
(C) reputations
(D) evolutions

5.5. Even though the drug works to treat the disease, sales of it will be _____ until more tests are completed.
(A) accelerated
(B) testified
(C) illuminated
(D) suspended

6.6. Rather than focus on building large centralized plants, why not _____ solar power across a bunch of rooftops?
(A) distribute
(B) penetrate
(C) initiate
(D) perish

7.7. Through the efforts of those environmentalists, this area has been _____ as a National Park.
(A) accumulated
(B) disguised
(C) reconciled
(D) designated

8.8. Due to the cut of the production, gas prices are expected to _____ in the short term.
(A) render
(B) retrospect
(C) escalate
(D) haul

9.9. Even though John owns lots pairs of sneakers, he still acquires more and more . He has a(n) _____ with them.
(A) hurdle
(B) obsession
(C) inheritance
(D) prosperity

10.10. The town is located in a relatively _____ area, with the average income 15% above the national average.
(A) benevolent
(B) compulsive
(C) affluent
(D) feasible

11.11. The researcher made the wrong conclusion because he _____ the statistics.
(A) rebounded
(B) prevented
(C) misinterpreted
(D) ignited

12.12. The UN Security Council imposed a _____ in an attempt to stop the inhumane behavior of the political leaders.
(A) sanction
(B) transmission
(C) permission
(D) vaporization

13.13. The activists are determined to pursue democracy and human rights and to fight against military _____.
(A) authenticity
(B) dictatorship
(C) resistance
(D) nuisance

14.14. While digging at the site, archeologists found _____ of ancient organisms buried in the soil for thousands of years.
(A) claims
(B) volcanoes
(C) digits
(D) remains

15.15. Please read and respond immediately as this is an _____ matter.
(A) urgent
(B) artificial
(C) indifferent
(D) enduring 

16.16. The employee risked _____ his job by criticizing his boss’s wrong decision.
(A) lost
(B) loses
(C) to lose
(D) losing

17.17. John shouldn’t _____ so much coffee yesterday. He could hardly sleep last night.
(A) drink
(B) be drunk
(C) have drunk
(D) be drinking

18.18. My best friend, Sue, is a person _____ I can share my ups and downs in life.
(A) whom
(B) with whom
(C) at whom
(D) who

19.19. Robert watched the boy solve the math problems, _____ by his usual talent.
(A) amazed
(B) and amazed
(C) amazing
(D) to amaze

20.20. Jenny thinks friendship is more important than money because the former is more long-lasting than _____.
(A) later
(B) latter
(C) the later
(D) the latter

21.21. George has to stay at his friend’s place because his apartment _____ now.
(A) is being remodeled
(B) remodeled
(C) remodeling
(D) has been remodeled

22.22. Frank would be in prison right now _____ your warning years ago.
(A) except
(B) if no
(C) but without
(D) had it not been for

23.23. Your parents _____ mountain climbing on weekends, aren’t they?
(A) are used to go
(B) used to go
(C) are used to going
(D) aren’t used to going

24.24. Feeling hungry in the middle of the night, I opened the fridge, _____ one rotten apple. How disappointing!
(A) and finding
(B) to see
(C) so as to see
(D) only to find

25.25. After I got my monthly exam scores, I really wanted to know _____.
(A) how to improve my English
(B) how can I improve my English
(C) what to improve my English
(D) what I should improve my English

26.26. After walking in the cold rain for more than three hours, David wanted _____ a hot shower and a warm meal.
(A) nothing more than
(B) everything but
(C) anything or
(D) all in

27.27. I wouldn’t tell anyone about that if I _____ you.
(A) am
(B) were
(C) are
(D) to be

28.28. There is a lot more out there _____ before.
(A) you ever imagined than
(B) imagined ever than you
(C) than you have ever imagined
(D) ever have you imagined than

29.29. The more he tried, _____ to resist the temptation.
(A) it harder became
(B) it the more hard became
(C) the harder it became
(D) should it become more hard

30.30. Mid-Autumn Festival, _____ “Moon Festival”, is celebrated in Taiwan to mark the fall harvest and offer traditional worship to the moon.
(A) which also called
(B) also called
(C) also is called
(D) that also is called

31.三、克漏字測驗【請依照句子前後文意,選出最適當的答案】 第一篇: A school in England for children with autism is finding a new use for virtual reality, or VR headsets. Prior’s Court is a school in Berkshire, southern England. The workers at the school are also using high technology to learn more about individual students. People with autism may find 31 hard to deal with places and situations they have not experienced before. VR headsets make the wearer feel like they are in a different place. For example, someone wearing a VR headset can have a 360-degree view of a place as they 32 . With video, they can even hear the sounds of the place. Teachers at Prior’s Court are using VR to introduce children to situations like visiting a shopping mall or getting on a plane. They can do 33 in the safety of their classroom. 34 getting accustomed to everyday places in the real world, the children may learn to enjoy new experiences such as skiing or deep-sea diving. The school officials hope the VR experiences will help children feel better about changes from their routine. Teachers at Prior’s Court school also use tablets to record data. They said,“We’re hoping to not only increase our knowledge and awareness about the world of young people with autism at Prior’s Court, 35 we’re also hoping to be able to, in time, share that with the wider autism world.”
(A) that
(B) this
(C) which
(D) it

(A) turn around
(B) take in
(C) throw down
(D) turn down

(A) such
(B) it
(C) as
(D) so

(A) Furthermore
(B) In addition to
(C) In spite of
(D) Instead of

(A) and
(B) so
(C) but
(D) or

36.第二篇: South Korea’s cosmetics industry, known as K-beauty, has become an Asian powerhouse and global phenomenon for its rigorous step-by-step regimens. But exacting beauty norms also put 36 pressure on South Korean women, making the country one of the world’s centers for plastic surgery. And increasingly, the beauty industry is looking at younger and younger girls. That is stirring 37 that touch on many core social debates in South Korea: how much a society should value 38 , whether messages about beauty crowd out other aspirations for young girls, and whether it’s right to 39 even more pressure to an already stress-packed childhood of long school hours and make-or-break exams. “The shiny cartoon heroines young girls admire are fully made up from head to toe,” said a professor at the Institute of Body and Culture at Seoul’s Konkuk University. “As they put on the makeup and put on the dress to imitate the characters, girls internalize that a woman’s success is closely 40 with beauty.”
(A) scattered
(B) enormous
(C) diligent
(D) rectified

(A) concerns
(B) mixtures
(C) praises
(D) tactics

(A) honesty
(B) conflict
(C) appearance
(D) perspiration

(A) pat
(B) dissolve
(C) add
(D) reverse

(A) restrained
(B) conferred
(C) indented
(D) associated

41.四、閱讀測驗【請在下列各題中選出最適當的答案】 第一篇: A new study provides scientific evidence to support the idea that stress can cause a person’s hair to turn gray. A team from America’s Harvard University said the new study is the first to show a clear link between stress and graying hair. The findings were recently published in the journal Nature. Researchers say they discovered a chemical process that can change hair color during times of stress. The process is linked to the body’s “fight-or-flight” reaction that can happen during dangerous situations. Ya-Chieh Hsu is a professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard. She said in a statement that the research team was in search of the first scientific confirmation of the commonly held belief that stress can cause gray hair. “Everyone has an anecdote to share about how stress affects their body, particularly in their skin and hair - the only tissues we can see from the outside,” Hsu said. The team used experiments with mice to look at how stress affects stem cells in hair follicles. Most people have about 100,000 hair follicles on their head. The follicles are responsible for making melanocytes, the cells that give hair its color. As people age, melanocyte production is reduced. This causes a person’s hair to begin turning gray naturally. At first, the researchers suspected that an immune attack caused by a stressful event might be targeting the melanocyte stem cells. That theory, however, turned out to be false. The mice lacking immune cells still showed signs of graying hair. The team also thought the hormone cortisol, which always increases in the body during times of stress, might be a likely cause. However, when researchers removed the gland that produces the cortisol hormones, the hair of mice still turned gray. The scientists then centered their experiments on the body’s sympathetic nervous system. This is the body system that controls “fight-or-flight” reactions in dangerous situations. The sympathetic nervous system is made up of a collection of nerves that extend through the body, including the skin. When the mice were subjected to short-term pain or placed in stressful laboratory conditions, these nerves released a chemical called norepinephrine. The chemical then flowed through the stem cells up into the hair follicles -- where melanocytes are kept. The researchers found that when the norepinephrine was released, all the melanocyte stem cells were highly activated and changed into pigment-producing cells. This overproduction process resulted in the early loss of color-producing cells. Ya-Chieh Hsu said the experiments confirmed the team’s belief that stress is bad for the body. She added that the results demonstrated the harmful effects are more major than what the researchers had imagined. “After just a few days, all of the pigment-regenerating stem cells were lost. Once they’re gone, you can’t regenerate pigments anymore. The damage is permanent,” Hsu said. The scientists said their research could lead to new treatments for stress-related graying in the future. Graying hair is just one example of how stress affects the body. New experiments could also be carried out in other areas as well, the team said. These could include studies to see whether stress can also cause changes in body tissues. Hsu said she would also like to study whether stress has a large effect on the overall aging process. “We don’t know if that is true yet. We are interested in finding out the link,” she said.
【題組】41. According to the passage, when stress affects human beings, what tissue can show the effect from the outside?
(A) muscular tissue
(B) eyebrow
(C) skin
(D) nervous tissue

42.【題組】42. What bodily action is linked to the chemical process discovered by the researchers?
(A) A “fight-or-flight” reaction.
(B) The process of getting older.
(C) The intense feeling of anger.
(D) An increase in heart rate.

43.【題組】43. What process in the body causes someone’s hair to turn gray naturally?
(A) A low supply of the hormone cortisol.
(B) An immune attack caused by stress.
(C) The growth of unusual melanocytes.
(D) The reduction of melanocyte production.

44.【題組】44. How did the release of the chemical norepinephrine affect the melanocyte stem cells in the body?
(A) Melanocyte production was reduced in the cells.
(B) The melanocyte stem cells were highly activated.
(C) Norepinephrine destroyed the melanocyte cells.
(D) Norepinephrine blocked the flow of melanocyte.

45.【題組】45. What future experiment did the scientists say the latest research could lead to?
(A) Tests on humans to see if the results confirm the mice findings.
(B) Tests to see what other body processes can cause gray hair.
(C) Studies to find out what causes different hair colors in humans.
(D) Studies on whether stress could cause changes in body tissues.

46.第二篇: Back in the mid-1800s, a few scientists working from limited evidence decided there must have been a lost continent in the Indian Ocean and they called it Lemuria. On this lost continent, some even thought, there once lived a race of now-extinct humans called Lemurians who had four arms and enormous bodies but nevertheless are the ancestors of modern-day humans. As absurd as this all sounds, the idea flourished for a time both in popular culture and some corners of the scientific community. Of course, modern science has long since discredited the idea of Lemuria altogether. But then, in 2013, geologists discovered evidence of a lost continent precisely where Lemuria was said to have existed and the old theories started appearing once again. Lemuria theories first became popular in 1864, when a British lawyer and zoologist named Sclater published a paper titled “The Mammals of Madagascar.” Sclater observed that there were many more species of lemur in Madagascar than there were in either Africa or India, thus claiming that Madagascar was the animal’s original homeland. Moreover, he proposed that what had allowed lemurs to first migrate to India and Africa from Madagascar long ago was a now-lost landmass stretching across the southern Indian Ocean in a triangular shape. This continent of “Lemuria,” Sclater suggested, touched India’s southern point, southern Africa, and western Australia and eventually sunk to the ocean floor. In 2013 geologists discovered traces of a lost continent in the Indian Ocean. Scientists found fragments of granite in the ocean south of India along a shelf that extends hundreds of miles south of the country towards Mauritius. On Mauritius, geologists found a mineral called zircon. Despite the fact that the island only came into being 2 million years ago when it slowly rose out of the Indian Ocean as a small landmass, the zircon they found there dated to 3 billion years ago, eons before the island had even formed. What this meant, scientists theorized, was that the zircon had come from a much older landmass that long ago sunk into the Indian Ocean. Sclater’s story about Lemuria was true—almost. Geologists named the proposed lost continent Mauritia.
【題組】46. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) A continent that existed a long time ago.
(B) Some lost animal species.
(C) Different theories about how species migrated to new continents.
(D) How geologists and zoologists differ in their research.

47.【題組】47. Based on the passage, lemurs are most probably _____.
(A) a kind of mammals
(B) a type of minerals
(C) a group of geologists
(D) a collection of stories about lost continents

48.【題組】48. Which of the following is true about the lost continent?
(A) It never existed in real life.
(B) It was discovered by a group of zoologists and lawyers.
(C) It was in the Indian Ocean.
(D) Researchers have found humans with four arms and large heads on the continent.

49.【題組】49. Why is zircon mentioned in the passage?
(A) To show that geologists are more fit to study lost continents than zoologists.
(B) To suggest that an older landmass existed in the Indian Ocean.
(C) To give an example of what can be found on any lost continent.
(D) To prove that humans evolved from lemurs.

50.【題組】50. Which of the following is true about Sclater’s story about Lemuria?
(A) It was read by a few of his friends only and was never published.
(B) It has been proven by scientists to be totally false.
(C) Scientists have found evidence to prove the existence of Lemurians.
(D) Some modern day geologists believed it was mostly true.



37. 最近許多民生用品都漲價了,看看臺灣歷史發展的紀錄中,哪個時期的通貨膨脹最為嚴重? (A)日治內地延長主義時期 (B)國民政府接收臺灣初期 (C)解...

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