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1.26. One responsibility for being a member of the movie appreciation society is that everyone needs to ________ his or her favorite film.
(A) amend
(B) disgust
(C) mend
(D) recommend

2.27. Most citizens in megacities in our country agree that they need to travel to countryside once in a while in order to ________ their sanity.
(A) doubt
(B) preserve
(C) steal
(D) threaten

3.28. Children’s ________ is usually referred to their abilities of reading and writing. It is always one of the goals of primary education.
(A) fragility
(B) literacy
(C) realia
(D) writhing

4.29. The upcoming conference on business administration invites ________ of paper, forum and workshops related to online business.
(A) biography
(B) morpheme
(C) rejections
(D) submissions

5.30. The medical units in the country are encouraging new ________ to cure unknown diseases because they have used up what they learned.
(A) approaches
(B) estuaries
(C) inventories
(D) obelisks

6.31. After the natural disaster, it is urgent to ________ people to come back to normal life again.
(A) gravitate
(B) facilitate
(C) laminate
(D) manipulate

7.32. Centuries ago temples in remote areas used to be a ________ for the refugees.
(A) draftee
(B) momentum
(C) sanctuary
(D) testimony 

8.33. What would you do if it ________ on your first day to work?
(A) rain
(B) rained
(C) raining
(D) rains

9.34. We would encourage you all to refer to the tables, which can ________ on the next page of this booklet.
(A) be found
(B) be founded
(C) find
(D) found

10.35. The lecture ________ by an investor from the Wall Street Journal will be held in the largest conference room on the first floor.
(A) given
(B) gives
(C) gave
(D) giving

11.36. The recent reports for joblessness in many Asian countries ________ fears of economic recession.
(A) have sparked
(B) has sparked
(C) sparks
(D) sparking

12.37. I ________ definitely give you a ring if your boss comes to the office.
(A) must
(B) ought to
(C) will
(D) would

13.38. As studies showed, the study hours of girls are always longer than ________ of boys before college.
(A) it
(B) that
(C) these
(D) those

14.39. In the ________ August, our unit will have been serving our neighborhood for more than five years.
(A) come
(B) comes
(C) coming
(D) to come

15.40. ________ of the newspaper agree with what the editor’s opinion of creating more columns for younger generation.
(A) A many reader
(B) A reader many
(C) Many a reader
(D) Many reader a

      If ever a movie earned its time-travel plotline, it’s Men in Black 3, which attempts to revive a movie franchise largely forgotten by audiences after its disappointing second entry. Men in Black 3    41    Will Smith’s Agent J going back to the 1960s to save partner Agent K, and mines its late-’60s setting for jokes both obvious and subtle. But if time travel, as the Men in Black would    42    it, is illegal throughout the universe, cinema is full of lawbreakers. It’s been 10 years   43    the last Men in Black movie, but nearly 100 years since the first time-travel film hit movie theaters. There are so many variations on turning the clock forwards and backwards in cinema that it’s difficult to say these films   44    belong to a unified genre. But every time-traveling movie has, in its own way, had to overcome the mind-bending logic problems   45   in its premise. And each, too, has played on a universal, if vain, human desire to experience a world that's entirely unavailable to us—and perhaps to change things in our own.

(A) see
(B) seeing
(C) seen
(D) sees

(A) have
(B) like
(C) take
(D) ask

(A) because
(B) since
(C) so
(D) that

(A) before
(B) even
(C) lest
(D) which

(A) accounted
(B) earned
(C) inherent
(D) unified

      Long before there were flowers, the world was green. The first plants appeared some 500 million years ago, early mosses, hornworts and liverworts, low and clinging to the ground. Then, 360 million years ago, ferns rose up, with newly evolved vascular systems that helped them ferry water to their extremities and gain height. They prevailed as the dinosaurs fell, through extinction after extinction, obstinate and mostly unchanging; according to the fossil record, a fern from 180 million years ago was almost identical to its descendants today.
      Ferns were, therefore, a part of human existence from our very start, and yet in the West, it wasn’t until the Victorians that we went mad for these prehistoric relics. Pteridomania, the official name of the fever, was fueled in part by the 1829 invention of the Wardian case, a glazed glass box built to transport and protect sensitive plants, and by the extension of roads and railways to previously less accessible and particularly damp corners of Britain, where ferns thrived. The craze was democratic, cutting across class lines: Farmers foraged for specimens while aristocrats imported rarities hunted in far-flung lands, from Borneo to Brazil.
      You might say that, once awakened, our craze for them never died. In 1960s America, the plants became the defining decoration of the so-called fern bars, which took inspiration from idealized grandmotherly living rooms (along with banks of potted ferns, they often featured homey wooden tables with Tiffany-style lamps), creating a space where single women would feel safe sipping sugary cocktails — an upper-crust version of tiki bars, minus the exuberance. By the 1980s, ferns (or, more often, their plastic likeness) drooped from macramé hangers in homes across the country, a tropical trope in a decade that celebrated excess.

【題組】46. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) When ferns became prehistoric relics.
(B) Where ferns became people’s decorations.
(C) How ferns became a target of human’s craze.
(D) Why ferns became imported items for aristocrats.

22.【題組】47. Which of the following statements about ferns is NOT true?
(A) They existed long before flowers did.
(B) They came into existence after hornworts.
(C) They are almost the same as those 180 million years ago.
(D) They were used to carry water for human beings to very far places.

23.【題組】48. Why is the Wardian case mentioned in the second paragraph?
(A) To explain the reasons for pteridomania.
(B) To claim a theory of the extinction of plants.
(C) To illustrate the prosperity and wealth of Britain.
(D) To argue for the invention of an artistic glass box.

24.【題組】49. What does the word them refer to in the third paragraph?
(A) Bars.
(B) Ferns.
(C) Hornworts.
(D) Wardian cases.

25.【題組】50. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) One of the reasons for pteridomania in Britain was the improved transportation.
(B) In 1960s some in America created bars for grandmothers and single women only.
(C) The craze in Britain resulted in a war because farmers and aristocrats disagreed with each other.
(D) By the 1980s plastic ferns were used in homes in America to create heat in winter and to celebrate Christmas.



重新載圖15.下左圖為大西洋底擴張示圖,其中AD及CF為中洋脊 裂谷,試問圖中哪一段為錯動性的板塊邊界? (A)AD (B)BC (C)CF (D)CD ...

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109 年 - 109 臺灣銀行_新進人員甄試:英文#88189-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 109 臺灣銀行_新進人員甄試:英文#88189