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1.第三題:中翻英【25 分】 
為因應新型冠狀病毒的爆發,推特公司下令全球所有員工自上週起須在家工作。蘋果 公司也鼓勵旗下員工在家工作,而谷歌公司開始限制外人造訪美國辦公室。臉書則在有員 工確診感染新型冠狀病毒後,關閉了部分的辦公室以便進行徹底地消毒。隨著遠端工作需 求的持續上升,《金融時報》(the Financial Times)科技組在二月二十八日全組進行了居家 工作,以實驗這種工作方式是否可行。根據該報指出,其好消息是︰許多用來支援遠端工 作的科技,例如:視訊會議服務和聊天應用程式等,現在終於成熟且可靠。不過壞消息是︰ 你仍需學習該如何適當地使用那些工具,像是如何幫自己打光、如何在視訊電話時把背景 裡的髒衣服藏起來。畢竟,工作禮儀跟科技一樣重要!

2.第四題:英翻中【25 分】
    For the prognosticators on the US National Intelligence Council who sat down in 2004 to consider what the world might look like in 2020, the answer depended heavily on one big question: What did the future of globalization look like? By 2020, they predicted, globalization would face a political backlash in a world increasingly plagued by identity politics. Yet if anything was going to really derail economic integration, it would likely be the mass spread of a deadly new disease. “Short of a major global conflict, which we regard as improbable, another large-scale development that we believe could stop globalization would be a pandemic,” the council warned in a report laying out the findings of its “Project 2020.” A death toll in the millions and a virus that “put a halt to global travel and trade during an extended period” would certainly leave globalization “endangered.”



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109 年 - 109 臺銀綜合證券股份有限公司_新進人員甄試_七職等-資訊人員、法令遵循人員:英文#89785-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 109 臺銀綜合證券股份有限公司_新進人員甄試_七職等-資訊人員、法令遵循人員:英文#89785