阿摩第 5 期


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發表于: 2013/10/18

(B)01.Being a police officer is ____ to your family and country.
(A) a honor (B) an honor (C) a honesty (D) a host
(D)02.I took it for _____ that he knew me very well.
(A) reason (B) truth (C) law (D) granted
(A)03.A city ____ was held yesterday to discuss the budget next year.
(A) council (B) counsel (C) country (D) county
(D)04.He borrowed a very ____ antique from his uncle last year.
(A) expansive (B) executive (C) excessive (D) expensive
(A)05.Tsunami is a kind of natural ____ that can cause great dam age to us.
(A) disaster (B) fruit (C) food (D) drug
(D)06.My son overslept and was ____ for school.
(A) good (B) bad (C) healthy (D) late
(D)07.It is not good for our health to eat ____ hamburgers everyday.
(A) much (B) high (C) low (D) greasy
(C)08.The father was ____ with his son’s poor academic performance.
(A) happy (B) excited (C) furious (D) glad
(C)09.The police demanded the ____ to give up and surrender his weapon.
(A) plaintiff (B) prosecutor (C) fugitive (D) judge
(B)10.Watch out for that speed ____. You’d better slow down, or it will
hurt the bottom part of your car.
(A) limit (B) bumper (C) ticket (D) sign
(B)11.A: What do you do for living ? B: _________ .
(A) I live in Taipei (B) I am a contract worker
(C) I like to live here (D) I don’t know what to do
(A)12.A: I haven’t seen you for a long time. How have you been ?
B: ________ .
(A) I am doing fine (B) I have been to Tokyo and Taipei