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109 年 - [無官方正解]109 輔仁大學_碩士班招生_臨床心理學系:基礎心理學#110550 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1.Without_________ , young children tend to overestimate their abilities when they are asked to recall a long list of random objects.
(A) concrete operational thinking
(B) metamemory
(C) theory of mind
(D) analogical thinking

2.2.Without_________ , young children tend to predict that when his/her friend comes into the room and sees a pencil case, which is now filled with candy, may believe that the case stil contains pencils.
(A) abstract operational thinking
(B) false belief
(C) theory of mind
(D) hypothetical thinking

3.3.Compared to preschoolers, school-age children are much better at shifting their focus and updating their strategies when playing board games such as "SET", which rewards quick yet flexible responses towards the multi-dimensions of the pictures on the game cards. These cognitive abilities are considered as parts of _________by modern psychologists.
(A) hypothetical thinking
(B) post-conventional thinking
(C) self- efficacy
(D) executive functioning

4.4.Self-conscious emotions
(A) involve injury to or enhancement of our sense of self
(B) appear in the middle of the first year
(C) are universal in humans and other primates
(D) predict academic achievement during adolescence.

5.5.Bobby realistically evaluates his characteristics and competencies, and also has an attitude of self- acceptance and self-respect. Bobby has
(A) high self-esteem
(B) realistic world view
(C) average self- esteem
(D) healthy id.

6.6.Ray persists at challenging tasks, and displays initiative in the face of challenges. Ray is demonstrating
(A) achievement motivation
(B) inner struggle
(C) self-promotion
(D) identity achievement.

7.1. Functional studies of people with major depression show:
(A) diminished volume in the prefrontal cortex
(B) decreased activity in the amygdala
(C) elevated activity in the amygdala
(D) diminished volume of the hippocampus

8.2、下列有關Stressful life events與 dpression的關聯,何者敘述正確?
(A) Stressful life events play little role in the onset of depressive episodes
(B) Stressful life events are only related to the first episode of depression
(C) Stressful life cvents mediate the relationship between genetics and environment
(D) Stressful life events are important in triggering episodes of depression

9.3.Somatic symptom-related disorders and dissociative disorders are similar in that both:
(A) are delusional in quality
(B) typically begin after a stressful experience
(C) have symptoms suggesting a physical dysfunction
(D) involve aggressive outbursts

10.4.In one study of connectivity in schizophrenia, researchers found that greater connectivity between_________ and other brain areas predicted reduction in symptoms early in the course of a hospital stay.
(A) striatum
(B) ventral tegmental arca
(D) cingulate gyrus

11.5.The following statements of myth about late life, which one is correct:
(A) APA state that it is important for psychologist working with elderly to examine their stereotypes about late life
(B) Our social selectivity will progressively suspend in late life
(C) Older people are lonely that would impact their psychological well-being
(D) People in their late life will be cope poorly with troubles and become focus on their poor health

12.6. The following statements of prevalence of psychological disorders in late life, which one is NOT correct?
(A) Rates of schizophrenia are low among elderly
(B) Older population (>65 yrs) has the lowest prevalence of anxiety disorders
(C) The elderly are less likely to meet criteria for personality disorders
(D) Person over 65 have the slightly high prevalence of all psychological disorders


14.8.People with OCD, hoarding, & body dysmorphic disorder seem to involve fronto-striatal circuits. Which brain region does NOT belongs to them?
(A)medial prefrontal cortex
(B) caudate nucleus
(C) anterior cingulate cortex
(D) orbitofrontal cortex

15.9.Which one of sociocultural factors of schizophrenia is NOT correct ?
(A) urbanicity
(B) migration
(C) minority
(D) poverty

16.10. Which of the following statement about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is NOT correct?
(A)Generally, children with ASD who learn to speak before age 6 have the best outcomes
(B) Study found that over a third of children with ASD also have a specific learning disorder
(C) Children with ASD had a large-than -normal brain at age 2, but it didn't continue to increase at age 4 or 5
(D) Children with ASD have problems in joint attention and communication deficits

17.11、以下有關Somatic Sypom-RatdDisorders(SR)的病因學陳述,何者不正確?
(A)Lim&Kim(2005)以Stroop task 研究發現SSRD 患者習慣聚焦與身體健康相關的字詞,因此 注意轉移時間縮短許多
(B)在deCharms等人(2005)研究發現人們可經由學習控制 疼痛感或經驗
(C)Rief& Broadbent(2007)發現SSRD患者會以認知偏誤方式運作,也就是以負面想法解讀症
(D)在Looper&Kirmayer(2002)解釋SSRD的心理機轉中,兩個很重要的認知變項分别是 attention to body sensation 及 interpretation of sensation

18.12 . Studies of the causes of ADHD have found that environmental toxins, such as food additives and lead,
(A) are usually the cause in those children with an organic basis to their ADHD
(B) cause subtle attentional problems, but not to the degree of ADHD
(C) are more likely to cause attentional problems without hyperactivity
(D) do not explain more than a small percentage of cases

19.13. Which one is NOT correct component of expressed emotion (EE)?
(A) hostility toward
(B) vague communication
(C) critical comments
(D) emotional overinvolvement

(A)dementia 是指認知能力退化至功能出現障礙
(C)許多 progressive dementia的患者最後甚至會有alexithymia的問題

21.15. According to animal studies, chronic use of methamphetamine cause:
(A) poorer performance on maze test
(B) reduction in brain size of frontal cortices
(C) poorer decision making
(D) reduction in brain volume in areas in cerebellum

22.16、獨居的老趙時常說:「⋯·我最近幾天發現到我並不是過去的我,我的腦袋已經和以前不同了⋯」 剛講完電話不一會卻問起身邊的人「我剛什麼事好像做到一半?」”也會抱怨有時會想不起來住 在隔壁多年的鄰居名字請問老趙或有可能發生怎樣的問題?
(A) Dissociative disorder
(B) Alzheimer's disease
(C) Aphasia
(D) Anxiety disoder

(A) Re-experiencing of traumatic event, avoidance of stimuli associated with event, negative alterations in mood or cognition, and increased arousal or reactivity
(B) Avoidance of stimuli associated with event, symptoms of increased arousal, and symptoms of suicidality
(C) Re-experiencing of traumatic event, avoidance of stimuli associated with event, and anxiety
(D) Hypervigilance, avoidance of stimuli associated with event, and exaggerated startle response

(A)pedophilic disorder 患者通常缺乏改變一些非法行為的動機
(B)pedophilic disorder 患者不只有認知缺損問題,其IQ也偏低
(C)符合pedophilicdisorder 診斷的人有一半是男性青少年

25.19、阿光是個竊盜慣犯,時常潛入民宅偷走女性的貼身衣物和高跟鞋,後經警察逮捕移送法院後仍舊 改不了此一犯行,法院要求阿光到醫院進行心理評估,阿光提及會對愉來的東西感到亢奮,您覺 得阿光可能會有下列何者問題? ( A)frotteuristic disorder
(B)fetishistic disorder
(C) pedophilic disorder
(D) voyeuristic disorder

26.20、有關hoardingdisorder 的描述,下列何者不正確?
(C)接近1/3有animal hoarding問題

27.二、問答題(22%): 1.Why do we study prenatal development? Please specify at least two reasons by pointing out why the knowledge of prenatal development matters for psychologists. (8%)

28.2.Kitty is 3-year-old. She told her mother that she saw a shark movie at school. Later that week, her mother found out that the movie was actually about humpback whales. Should Kitty's mother be concerned about this? Please explain why you think so? And how would you advise Kitty's mother? (6%)

29.3.When May saw her 6-month-old baby brother reach out to grab a piece of crayon from her, she immediately put the crayon underneath her drawing paper. What do you predict her baby brother's reaction? What developmental theory or what mechanism account for her baby brother's reaction? (8%)

30.1、過去在說明Anxity disorders,常使用Mowrer' s two-factor model 解釋其心理病理機轉,而後Schmitz與Grillon(2012)提出Neutral predictable unpredictable (NPU) threat task的行為實驗,作為前述two-factor model的延伸,請嘗試說明NPUthrettask的研究方式為 何?以及說明其研究結果如何解釋Anxiey 病理關鍵核心。

31.2、某日週一清晨六點,未成年的少年A與幾位朋友在路邊飲酒、嬉鬧,還邊玩滅火器,因附近路人報警而道到員警盤查,未料少年A事後心懷不滿竟然拿起方才把玩的滅火器大搖大走向警局大門,之後便朝警局大門噴發滅火器,導致警局大門口頓時煙霧酒漫,少年A一走進警局就直接把滅火器扔在地上,此时員警們一湧而上少年A當場被制伏壓倒在地。請問:(1)少年A若要符合conduct disorder診斷,那麼還需要有哪些行為問題或條件;(2)請以Dodgesconitv theory of aggression 解釋少年A的行徑。




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109 年 - [無官方正解]109 輔仁大學_碩士班招生_臨床心理學系:基礎心理學#110550-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - [無官方正解]109 輔仁大學_碩士班招生_臨床心理學系:基礎心理學#110550