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109 年 - 109 臺北捷運-控制員(二)、專員(二):共同科目(英文)#84154 

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1.1. He can’t hear from her clearly as her voice was barely __________ above the noise of the machinery where he is working.
(A) audible
(B) audio
(C) auditorium
(D) auditory。 .

2.2. An entirely new policy for dealing with an increasing academic suspension and withdrawal made by our students __________ by the executive committee in our college.
(A) has approved
(B) have approved
(C) has been approved
(D) have been approved。 .

3.3. It is great to see Lincoln’s famous advice to the young people: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people __________, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”
(A) always
(B) frequently
(C) now and then
(D) some of the time。 .

4.4. The ancient Egyptians preserved dead people’s bodies by making mummies of them. The process, the so-called “__________,” consisted of removing the internal organs, applying natural preservatives inside and out, and then wrapping the body in layers of bandages.
(A) mummificated
(B) mummification
(C) mummified
(D) mummify。 .

5.5. After the party, I found that somebody __________ her purse on the chair.
(A) is left
(B) was left
(C) has left
(D) have left。 .

6.6. The really important issue of the conference on the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 this month, stripped of all other considerations,__________ the morality of doing a research project.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) was
(D) were。 .

7.7. In sunny autumn days, all leaves are falling, coming down in __________ streams of gold and brown.
(A) dance
(B) danced
(C) dancing
(D) dancingly。 .

8.8. Captain Lewis is famous for his expedition into the new territory and beyond, __________ few people know of his contributions to natural science.
(A) and
(B) but
(C) nor
(D) or。 .

9.9. The sun is high, __________ put on some sunscreen because we will be out all day.
(A) and
(B) but
(C) for
(D) so。 .

10.10. The congress criticize that the education __________ gets slowed down in spite of the total tax revenue has increased recently.
(A) give
(B) giving
(C) spend
(D) spending。 .

11.11. Our class all really got into it and gave it our best effort, but __________ we still struggled a bit trying to solve this problem.
(A) despite
(B) inspite
(C) despite that
(D) inspite that。 .

12.12. After serving twenty years in prison for murder of a shopkeeper, John will be free __________ next week.
(A) after a while
(B) as far as
(C) as long as
(D) at last。 .

13.13. Asian countries, and __________ Taiwan, are good places to visit as they are populated with people who are very friendly with visitors.
(A) particular
(B) specially
(C) in particular
(D) in specie。 .

14.14. Due to insufficient numbers of doctors and nurses recently, there are major barriers to getting surgery within the time frame wanted,including getting an appointment __________.
(A) firstly
(B) secondly
(C) in the first place
(D) in the second place。 .

15.15. The protesters gathered and shouted in the street, and they had even turned nasty for several hours before the policemen __________.
(A) return
(B) returns
(C) returning
(D) returned。 .

16.16. In our college, most students __________ ninety credits by the time they graduate.
(A) take
(B) will take
(C) have taken
(D) will have taken。 .

17.17. Pablo Picasso did not speak often about __________, but when he did,it was a form either for decoration or for contradictory.
(A) abstraction
(B) clarity
(C) explicitness
(D) ignorance。 .

18.18. The teacher __________ students in the back row as some of them dozed off in the class.
(A) call at
(B) call for
(C) called on
(D) call out。 .

19.19. __________ is often defined as an economic system where private sectors are allowed to own and control the use of property in accord with their own interests.
(A) Capitalism
(B) Communism
(C) Corporatism
(D) Socialism。 .

20.20. Language learners are encouraged to use a __________ input strategy to accomplish his or her language acquisition, which has been popular since the 80’s.
(A) comprehend
(B) comprehended
(C) comprehending
(D) comprehensible。 .

21.21. Our office allows a __________ to work abroad, which is that a person,or a group, authorizes someone to serve as his or her representative for a particular task of responsibility.
(A) consignment
(B) delegation
(C) promotion
(D) submission。 .

22.22. Our shop opens every day, __________ Chinese Lunar New Year, from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.
(A) but
(B) close to
(C) except
(D) next to。 .

23.23. After my sister returned home from her 10 years studying in other city,I was shocked by her __________ on luxury items.
(A) cash
(B) extravagance
(C) money
(D) thriftiness。 .

24.24. The global sea level record from __________ is an important indicator of the evolution and impact of global climate change.
(A) bar ruler
(B) tape ruler
(C) tide gauges
(D) tide clock。 .

25.25. When sentences written full with errors often sound awkward,ridiculous, or confusing, they can be downright __________.
(A) analytical
(B) illogical
(C) irrational
(D) logical。 .

26.26. In an era of social media and fake news, __________ who have survived the print plunge have new foes to face.
(A) journalists
(B) novelists
(C) painters
(D) writers。 .

27.27. __________ involved certain behavioral patterns, such as a respect required between siblings of the opposite sex, children and parents, and between children-in-law and their parents-in-law.
(A) Brotherhood
(B) Kinship
(C) Manhood
(D) Relationship。 .

28.28. As a courtesy to the long patronage of villagers, the filling station was __________ free gas for three days.
(A) given away
(B) given up
(C) giving away
(D) giving up。 .

29.29. The committee who has been assigned to review this project __________ the papers carefully before giving its final comments.
(A) looks at
(B) looks for
(C) looks in
(D) looks over。 .

30.30. The demarcation of the __________ coordinate is drawn hypothetically with circles on the globe parallel to the equator.
(A) horizontal
(B) latitude
(C) longitude
(D) vertical。 .

31.31. Our company provides __________ protection for its officers and employees when acting within the scope of their employment.
(A) agility
(B) docility
(C) fertility
(D) liability。 .

32.32. Doing a research, one should carefully __________ electronic resources to review past information and scholarly articles before selecting a topic.
(A) make out
(B) make up
(C) pick out
(D) pick up。 .

33.33. __________ production has seen abundant growth over the past 10 years as the land in our area is prime for grazing and making feeds for all cows and sheep.
(A) Crops
(B) Harvest
(C) Livestock
(D) Poultry。 .

34.34. In Taiwan, scientific __________ has become one of the country’s strongest assets as the government has aimed to support the semiconductor industry in the last three decades.
(A) human
(B) manpower
(C) staff
(D) workers。 .

35.35. Albert: This will be your room, and we share the housework together.
John: It’s a very nice room, and you guys are great and everything, but I have to say, I think it’s a little bit pricey. I wonder if it would be possible to reduce the rent a little bit?
Gina: I’m afraid it isn’t up to us. We have to ask our landlord about that.
What is the context? The two residents are __________ to John for a leasing.

(A) citing a verse
(B) introducing the room
(C) selling some books
(D) telling a story。 .

36.36. Man: Oh, that’s the pager. What is it now? Oh, no, serious traffic incident. They want me right away. Woman: Oh, I’ll come, too. I’m sure they’ll need some extra nurses.
Where are they working? They are probably working in a(n) __________.
(A) hospital
(B) laundromat
(C) office
(D) school。 .

37.37. Man: Come in. Have a seat.
Girl: I am sorry that I didn’t make an appointment earlier, but I really have to talk to you.
Man: It is OK. What’s on your mind?
Girl: I’ve been neglecting my studies and I want to get back on the right track.
Man: That IS good news. What’s brought on this change of heart?
What are they? They are a __________ and his __________.
(A) consultant, consultee
(B) doctor, patient
(C) professor, student
(D) psychiatrist, patient。 .

38.38. Man: You’re not scared, are you?
Woman: It’s too high to climb up even for a brave one.
Man: Come on, take my hand. We’ll go up slowly, I promise.
What is the man trying to do? He tries to __________.
(A) demonstrate how easy it is
(B) encourage her to climb up
(C) show her how difficult it could be
(D) tell her nothing is easy。 .

39.39. Woman: The kitty is sick. Is she an indoor or an outdoor cat?
Man: Both really. She stays in at night, but she’s out most of the day, playing with other cats.
Where could this conversation taken place? It could be in a __________.
(A) classroom
(B) market
(C) theater
(D) vet。 .

40.40. Woman: A friend of mine is retiring, and he’s looking for someone to take care of his small business. I thought you might be the man for it.
Man: How would I do it? A business all of my own?
What does the woman mean? She proposes that __________.
(A) he could accept the offer
(B) he could celebrate for the new job
(C) he should consider the cash flow first
(D) he should train himself to be a good manager。 .

41.41. Woman: I’m finding it hard to get back into the books.
Man: I was exactly the same, but it does get easier, eventually.
Woman: Can I ask you a favor? How would you feel about having a study-buddy?
What is the woman? She is a __________.
(A) college student
(B) primary school teacher
(C) professor in a university
(D) watch-guard in the building。 .

42.42. Man: How are you?
Woman: Exhausted. Just finished another long shift.
Man: Yes, it’s been busy here lately as too many cases of surgery have been carried out.
Where are they working? The place would be a(n) __________.
(A) drawing room
(B) operating room in a hospital
(C) painting room
(D) woodworking room of a sawmill。 .

43.43. Woman: Why should the bank lend you this money?
Man: I’ve been saving here for almost five years.
Woman: Haven’t you been unemployed recently?
Man: Yes, but I’ve been living on my savings, not using an overdraft. I’m a reliable customer and I think my new business is an excellent investment. Some of your lending would be good for me and good for the bank, too.
What does the man do now? He is __________.
(A) applying a bank loan
(B) depositing some cash
(C) running up an overdraft
(D) saving a time-deposit。 .

        Dozens of viruses exist in the coronavirus family, but only seven afflict humans. Four are known to cause mild colds in people, while others are more novel, deadly, and thought to be transmitted from animals like bats and camels. Health officials have labeled this new virus SARS-CoV-2 and its disease COVID-19. Ian Lipkin, director of the Columbia University’s Center for Infection and Immunity, has been studying the novel coronavirus. He says sunlight, which is less abundant in winter, can also help break down viruses that have been transmitted to surfaces.
       “UV light breaks down nucleic acid. It almost sterilizes surfaces. If you’re outside, it’s generally cleaner than inside simply because of that UV light,” he says.
        UV light is so effective at killing bacteria and viruses; it’s often used in hospitals to sterilize equipment.
        Another scholar, David Heymann from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says not enough is known about this new virus to predict how it will change with different weather conditions.         
        According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), people are most contagious when they’re showing symptoms. However, some experts suspect official counts may underestimate the number of infected people, saying not everyone infected will develop a severe illness.
       “We’re only seeing the most severe cases,” says Weston. “There may be some infection going on that isn’t being detected.”
        Many experts are saying SARS-CoV-2 will likely become endemic,joining the other existing four coronaviruses that cause mild colds, or becoming a seasonal health hazard like the flu.
        To prevent contracting an illness from any virus, the World Health Organization recommends frequently washing your hands, avoiding close contact with those showing symptoms like coughing or sneezing,and seeking treatment if sick.

【題組】44. To                empty jars, we should put them right side up on the rack in a boiling-water canner.
(A) coat
(B) contaminate
(C) disinfect
(D) muddy。 .

45.【題組】45. Taiwan government has already                    all the foreign tourist to visit Taiwan because of the COVID-19 outbreak.
(A) welcomed
(B) asked
(C) banned
(D) greeted。 .

46.【題組】46. The World Health Organization has cautioned against using ibuprofen to manage               of COVID-19.
(A) features
(B) information
(C) symptoms
(D) structure。 .

47.【題組】47. A(n)                 is an occurrence of a disease that affects many people over a very wide area.
(A) endemic
(B) ebola
(C) pandemic
(D) poliomyelitis。 .

48.【題組】48. The scientists all over the world work together to find new ways to combat novel coronavirus that has already                   more than 200,000 people globally.
(A) assisted
(B) relieved
(C) affected
(D) infected。 .

49.【題組】49. UV light can               the bacteria and viruses.
(B) sanitize
(C) clean
(D) wash。 .

50.【題組】50. All the citizens are now being told to                at least 14 days upon returning form travel.
(B) work
(C) rest
(D) excercise。.



13. 「搬不動的重東西,經過耐心可以變輕。」這句話 的含義與下列何者最接近?(A)屏棄而不用,其 昏與庸無以異也(B)不學,則易者亦難矣(C) 為之,...

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109 年 - 109 臺北捷運-控制員(二)、專員(二):共同科目(英文)#84154-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 109 臺北捷運-控制員(二)、專員(二):共同科目(英文)#84154